Although they share a basic manufacturing standard, the REX series single units and toilets may be specifically installed according to customers’ needs.
They are very versatile mobile structures that may be customised in terms of components (thickness of side panels, walls, roofs, floors, etc.) and colours.
Individual single units can be assembled together to create large environments.

Mention must be made of the REX series single units for toilet facilities.
Such mobile structures come with a special fibreglass floor that, in addition to being perfectly waterproof in time, ensures easy cleaning and maximum hygiene.
The fibreglass floor solution was tested thoroughly in time also on the occasion of very critical situations envisaging a great number of people such as concerts, public events or sports facilities and building sites.
Toilet facilities can be both purchased or rented.

The whole REX series range can be used in a number of situations, from a simple office to sophisticated mobile wellness centres, as well as control rooms and other installations illustrated in the attached photographs.

As is often the case with many of our products, upon request we can buy back our single units and toilet facilities of the REX series range.
Upon request, we can provide an anti-seismic calculation report according to the relevant Italian laws.

For the technical features of our structures, please consult the information brochure and 3D illustrations provided below.

Single units and toilets
Monobloc glass using Porter
Single units and toilets
Monoblocks combined use of site offices
Single units and toilets
Inside view combined offices
Mod. S21DT Mod. S21H Mod. S22D Mod. S22UD Mod. S23DT Mod. S23UD Mod. S27CB

Other Single units and toilets