The “STANDARD SERIES” single units are the standard line of our production.

Although they can be equipped with different accessories and systems such as heating, air conditioning, furniture etc., they are proposed with standard features that normally cannot be modified.

The standard set-up of this product range enables us to provide ready structures at low prices.

There are seven types of “standard series” single units, some of which are also equipped with toilet facilities.

Such structures are built with the same quality standards characterising our production and are particularly suitable for rental purposes because of their versatility.

The rental service we have been supplying for some time now enables us to meet the customers’ temporary needs immediately. Secondly, the rental service leads to a range of bargain products in excellent conditions to be proposed at very interesting prices.

Thanks to their characteristics, upon request we may buy back those structures.

For the technical features of our structures, please consult the information brochure and 3D illustrations provided below.
Standard single units
Monobloc cm.250x500x250 ST 50 h.
Standard single units
Internal view of swimsuit model ST62B
Standard single units
Monobloc ST62 cm. 250x620x250 h. with conditioner
Depliant Informativo Monoblocchi Standard
Mod. ST38 Mod. ST50 Mod. ST50B Mod. ST62 Mod. ST62B Mod. ST74 Mod. ST74B

Others Standard single units