As an example, below you will find only some structures in “prompt delivery” for hire.
The TMT Prefabbricati hire any type of product produced, for further information contact the sales department.

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Container LC10
Modulo bagno per disabili, completo di wc, doccia, lavandino, boiler, phon, rampa di accesso. Studiato per situazioni di pronto intervento
Monoblocc  ST38 cm. 250 x 380 x 250 h with electric system
Bathroom model S22UD man/woman with wc and sink
Bathroom HDCP  cm. 190 x 250 x 280 h  with wc,  wash-basin, electric system,  various facilities for disabled people
Bathroom  type S263D cm. 250x620x270/300 h with n. 3 showers, n 1 wash-basin, n. 1 heater, electric system
Bathroom monobloc with shower compartment, turkish compartment, electric heater, sink, cm. 250x250x300 h (  270) ​
Toilet type S26SP cm. 250 x 620 x 300 h with wc, shower, heater, wash-basin, electric system
Monobloc S19SM cm. 190x190x250 h used as dressing room for asbestos decontamination, consisting of 1 dirty changing room (shower-sink-boiler), 1 clean changing room, with pump and filters for waste water
Monobloc ST62 cm. 250x620x250 h with door and window, electric system
Monobloc   ST25 cm. 250 x 250 x 250 h with electric system
Monobloc  ST21 cm. 190 x 250 x 250 h with electric system
Monobloc  ST62B with window and door, bathroom with wc, wash- basin and shower, electric system, air conditioning