Emergency modules account for a range of ready products to be used in case of natural disasters or unforeseen circumstances calling for the protection of people or objects within a short period of time.
Such modules are mainly used as toilets, kitchens and dormitories and have been designed and developed in collaboration with the Italian Civil Protection service.
That collaboration led to the development of modules meeting all needs in terms of functionality, easy transport, handling and sturdiness.
Mention must be made of folding structures – protected by a European patent – that have met with great success among members of the Italian Civil Protection service and can be considered a novelty among prefabricated structures.
Thanks to a specific mechanism, those structures, equipped with utility systems and fittings, may fold for transport purposes and in a few minutes, by means of a crane, they can be erected again in their original position.
Those modules are easy to transport and ensure a more timely intervention in critical areas.